wiki:Development/Collab UMUI Move

Notes for moving old accesscollab UMUI database to accessdev

Starting work with a test VM

Config files for UMUI servers are located under /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/apps

GHUI servers are defined in the file $HOSTNAME.conf

Add a new server collab to server the old database on port 55556 (note new dbse location)

collab server
    # Primary server definitions
    set primary_server   "localhost"
    set primary_base_dir "/usr/local/umui/umui2.0"
    set primary_dbse     "/home/collab_DBSE"

    # Backup server definitions
    set backup_server    "NONE"
    set backup_base_dir  "NONE"
    set backup_dbse      "NONE"
    set backup_state     "IGNORE"

    # Port number
    set port             55556

Need to create the directory /home/collab_DBSE & assign ownership to ju7_umui

Also need to create a UMUI app with the server name

$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/apps/umuix.def /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/apps/collab.def

Servers are started and stopped with

$ sudo -u ju7_umui /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_startserver collab PRIMARY
$ sudo -u ju7_umui /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_haltserver  collab

List of servers at the top of umuix are defined in $

Add an entry for the new server

umuix    "collab-copy"  localhost        55556  normal

'collab-copy' now visible at the top of UMUIX

Now add this config to a puppet branch - saw562/collab-umui

Collab's umui can be accessed through umuix or umui_collab

Import Collab's database using rsync

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