ACCESS CMIP6 Community update meeting from Aspendale Fri 1st June, 2-4 pm

This meeting shared progress on ACCESS CMIP6 preparation, particularly around freezing the model version and evaluation of trial simulations.

CSIRO Aspendale lecture theatre + CSIRO/BoM/Uni video connections.

The meeting presentations are now available at "Attachments" at bottom of page.

Agenda: {Aim for short 10 minute presentations (8 slides max) with 5 minutes for questions/discussion and speaker changeover.}

14:00-14:10 Simon Marsland - Preparing ACCESS for CMIP6 - Introduction

14:10-14:25 Arnold Sullivan - Status of multi-century pre-industrial ACCESS-CM2 simulations

14:25-14:40 Roger Bodman - AMIP simulations

14:40-14:55 Martin Dix - ACCESS and CABLE

14:55-15:10 Siobhan O’Farrell - Sea Ice and Icebergs

15:10-15:25 Tilo Ziehn - ACCESS-ESM1.5

15:25-15:40 Matt Chamberlain - ACCESS-ESM1.5 Ocean BGC

15:40-16:30 Discussion

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