July 2019: 1st communication from the AOC

This e-mail is to advise the community that an ACCESS Oversight Committee has been formed. We have terms of reference agreed by the group (see AOC purpose).

It is important to note that this committee is not formed with the authority to dictate directions or decisions for ACCESS. The committee aims to provide a forum to share information, raise issues around ACCESS development and improve coordination around ACCESS.

The committee plans to meet monthly. We aim to distribute to you all the outcomes of discussions via e-mail. This would include updates on work being undertaken, issues arising, notification of events and so forth. Of relevance to many of you is that the committee does not replace existing coordinated initiatives such as those around COSIMA or CABLE. We are very much focussed on ACCESS across its various applications.

The good news is that there are some updates to advise you of:

  • ACCESS-CM2 historical and 4xCO2 runs have been completed under CSIRO’s leadership. ACCESS-ESM1.5 historical runs are being re-done due to a land-use bug (likely small carbon impacts but climate OK)
  • A global 12 km NWP version of ACCESS is operational. Predictions are a significant improvement on earlier versions. 10-day forecasts take 1 hour to run on 10000 cores. Ensembles with lower resolution are also looking good with similar overall compute needs.
  • Advice received suggests that the UK Met Office is about to go live with updated physics. UK Met Office plans for the next generation model (LFRic) indicate a 2025 delivery for NWP, and after CMIP7 for climate.
  • For the land surface, progress is being made on JaC (JULES and CABLE) – we are working through the UK Met Office ticketing process to get CABLE accepted into the JULES/UM trunk with the aim of enabling users of ACCESS to easily switch between JULES and CABLE.

The committee also noted the need for formal releases of ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5 focussed on the CMIP6 finalised versions. Further updates on this will be communicated.


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