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Puppet Git and Openstack setup

Tutorial is at

  • 1.1: Initial Git config
  • 1.2: Set up ssh keys
  • 1.4: Check out puppet source on cloudlogin
    • Repository is git@…:p/
  • 1.6: Register ssh key with Openstack
  • Nova (Openstack) command examples:
    nova list
    nova flavor-list
    nova keypair-list
    You may need to run a script called or similar to get Openstack credentials set up correctly

Boot a VM instance

  • 1.8: Boot a new accessdev-test instance
    # Delete old instance (shutting down VM cleanly first is recommended). 
    nova delete
    # Boot up new instance
    ./tools/nova-boot \
      --name \
      --ip \
      --install-updates \
      -- \
      --flavor m1.small.2 \
      --security-groups ssh,http,umui,ping
  • Boot up a personal test vm
    ./tools/nova-boot \
      --name <user>-accessdev-test \
      --install-updates \
      -- \
      --flavor m1.small.2 \
      --security-groups ssh,http,umui,ping
  • Note that if you don't have a IP address specified, you will just be assigned a local IP address and can only log in from cloudlogin. Using the command "nova list" you will be able to view the local IP address of your VM.
  • The booting up process can take a while so you can view the boot up process by using the command "nova console-log <VM Name>"
  • Be aware that the VM you boot will track whatever branch is currently checked out on cloudlogin.

Use cases

Update revision of umui

Test and update to new version of rose/cylc

  • Create a new branch and test changes on accessdev-test.
    #in cloudlogin
    cd puppet #(or wherever your puppet source is checked out to)
    git status #check your working directory is clean
    git checkout master
    git pull
    git checkout -b <user>/rose-update  # create new branch called <user>/rose-update
    ### Modify revisions in hieradata/project.yaml 
    ### modify any configuration files affected by the update
    git commit -a # commit git changes to a particular revision
    git push      # push changes back to central repository
  • For details about changes to puppet required when upgrading rose, see:
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