ACCESS User Training Course 21-24 March 2016 Registration Confirmation Email

From: Michael Naughton
Sent: Monday, 7 March 2016 3:36 PM
Subject: ACCESS User Training Course -- registration confirmation and information for participants

Confirmation email to registered attendees for the ACCESS USER TRAINING COURSE

Dear Participant,

You are receiving this email as a confirmed registered attendee of the ACCESS User Training Course, either on-site or remote. This email contains important information regarding course attendance and arrangements you will need for your participation.

General Information

On the first day, you should proceed to the 6th Floor Conference Rooms of the Bureau and ensure you are given a name badge which must be worn at all times for security purposes. This will allow you to use the lifts to the 6th floor without checking in at Bureau Reception – a saving on time. Please allow sufficient travel time on the first day to arrive at the Bureau, 700 Collins St, Docklands, and be in place to set up your computer at 9:00am in time for the course commencement at 9:15am. Access to the 6th floor Conference Rooms will be available from 8:30am.

Seating will be combination of work tables for those with laptops (limited) and chairs for the rest. External visitors will have assigned places at the work tables, assuming they will be bringing their own laptops for the practical sessions. There will be three participants per table in the Floor 6 Conference Rooms, with power board connections and wi-fi connections.

Additional row seating will be available for the presentation sessions in the Conference Room. Bureau participants with laptops will be able to use the remainder of the work tables, on a first-come first-served basis. As we have more participants than can be accommodated for the practical sessions in the Conference Room, remaining Bureau staff are encouraged to do their practical work in their office (where possible) and mix with other participants at the breaks. Bureau staff who have requested laptops will receive them a few days before the course, so they can perform pre-course connectivity checks in advance of the course.

Video-conferencing facilities will be provided for remote participants, including Bureau staff in their offices, using the standard Bureau V-C facilities. The video-conferencing details are contained in the appendix section at the bottom of this message. A test of the video-conferencing for remote participants will be done at 4:00pm on Thursday 10th March. Please contact Robin Bowen (r.bowen@…) if you wish to test your video connection at this time, which will use a separate contact number, or if you have other technical questions regarding remote participation.

Morning and afternoon teas will be provided each day. Lunch will be provided on day one only (Monday 21st). Please email Val Jemmeson (v.jemmeson@…) if you have special dietary requirements that we may need to provide for.


We are very pleased to have Dr Joao Teixeira from the UK Met Office as the Lead Trainer. He will be assisted by the Organising Committee of Michael Naughton, Martin Dix, Scott Wales, Robin Bowen, Wenming Lu, Yi Xiao, Oscar Alves and Ben Evans, who will also act as tutors during the practical sessions. The Organising Committee will have different coloured badges, so you can easily identify them.

The course program is available in the program sub-page on the course wiki:

This is still a draft program, further changes will be made and materials added between now and the course time.

The course topics for the four days will be

  • Monday: ACCESS, Rose-Cylc and UM
  • Tuesday: Seasonal Forecasting and Climate Modelling
  • Wednesday: Numerical Weather Prediction and High Resolution Modelling
  • Thursday: Development tools and work practices

A full list of currently registered course participants is available at

Pre-Course Homework

The course will involve a major component of practical sessions, which will involve running Rose-Cylc suites on the NCI facilities, accessdev and raijin. To ensure you will be able to run suites, we have a checklist you will need to satisfy. We are asking all participants who plan to be involved in the hands-on training to do the check that you are able to satisfy the following ACCESS connectivity tests.

  • To work in the Bureau Conference Room, you will need a laptop with wi-fi capability. Wi-fi login details will be provided.
  • Remote attendees are welcome to participate in the tutorials.
  • To access the Rose application you will need the following:

o A NCI user account. o A suitable NCI project group membership from your institution in order to access supercomputer time. o Membership in the 'ACCESS' group at NCI - join at o Your computer will need to have X11 support to see the Rose-Cylc application windows - Mac:, Windows:

If you are unable to complete these tests, please contact access_help@… for assistance.


Likewise, please contact access_help@… if you have further questions about technical aspects of the course, or v.jemmeson@… for registration and administrative support enquiries.

Michael Naughton
On behalf of the Organising Committee

Appendix. Video-Conference connection details for ACCESS User Training Course

Robin Bowen invites you to this meeting. ACCESS Course

21/03/2016 - 24/03/2016 8:00 AM | 82 hr (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

An agenda has not been added for this meeting Telepresence Details

H.323: +61386381102 at

Meeting PIN: 7919

Audio Connection

Call-in numbers Toll: +61386381102 Meeting PIN: 7919 SIP: +61386381102 at

Meeting PIN: 7919

Audio Connection

Call-in numbers Toll: +61386381102

Meeting PIN: 7919 Locations: Recording plus Streaming 1 endpoint-HO-6.3 endpoint-HO-6.2 endpoint-HO-6.1

Having trouble joining from a telepresence room?

Bureau of Meteorology Staff The VMR can be dialled via the last 4 digits of the full number eg. 1101. For internal BOM technical support please contact VC Support on (+61) 3 9616 8386 Or view the VMR Service Catalogue Help Page

External Collaborators This conference is reachable by Video using the contact details shown above on SIP and H323 video endpoints. If unsuccessful, alternative methods are [number]@ or[number] For international audio only or ISDN Video callers; dial Toll number as shown. For support please consult your internal Video Conferencing Helpdesk with the above details.

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