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ACCESS home (~access) migration

The ACCESS home directory ~access was migrated from Gadi's non-persistent /scratch filesystem to the persistent /g/data filesystem on 2020-12-14.

The new location of ~access is /g/data/access/projects/access. Any references to ~access will work normally, references to the old location /projects/access will need to be updated.

Generic fixes

You can check what needs to be changed in a configuration directory with the command

grep 'projects/access' . -r --exclude-dir .svn

Error reading STASETS_DIR

Error Message

FORT_GET_ENV: Environment Variable STASETS_DIR
FORT_GET_ENV: Value /g/data/access/projects/access/umdir/vn7.3/ctldata/stasets
FORT_GET_ENV: Value too long for Allocated Storage

In some versions the length of variables within the model are too small for the full path. A workaround is to use a symbolic link to the working directory

ln -s ~access/umdir umdir
export UMDIR=umdir

Missing libgrib_api

Error message

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Make sure your model run loads the module 'grib-api'

Changes to specific models

See below for changes needed to specific models

Rose/Cylc UM 10+


Rose/Cylc ACCESS-CM 2




Shell Script ACCESS-CM 1.x

Add to the end of the '$RUNID.init' script

# Create symlinks so file paths aren't too long
ln -s $UMDIR $atmrundir/umdir
ln -s ~access/data $atmrundir/data

export UMDIR=umdir

# Rename /projects/access/data to data
for file in $atmrundir/tmp*/*; do
   sed 's:\(^\|\W\)\(/projects/access/data\):\1data:' -i $file


Add the hand edit '~access/gadi/handedits/accesshomemigration' to the bottom of the hand edit list in the UMUI (under Input/Output Control and Resources -> User hand edit files)

Modules in ~access/apps

Module Version OWNER Status
ants 0.10.0 Wenming
ants 0.13.0 Wenming
ants 0.14.0 Wenming
xxdiff Wenming
nwptools_py2 2019.11 Wenming
odbserver 0.16.2