Feb 20, 2014:

4:45 PM Ticket #81 (Rose database web view seems out of date) created by Martin Dix
Via the web (https://accessdev.nci.org.au/trac/browser/roses) I can …
3:41 PM Ticket #80 (Set cylc run dir in site config) created by Scott Wales
The cylc directories where log files are kept shouldn't be left in a …
3:13 PM Ticket #79 (Database (e.g. postgres)) created by Scott Wales
Reviewboard (Trac #66) requires access to a postgresql or mysql …
2:47 PM Ticket #78 (Getting started guide for new users) created by Scott Wales
We should have a way of directing users new to accessdev towards the …
11:56 AM Ticket #77 (Rose/Cylc Failure for csh users) created by ibc599
Submitting jobs to raijin can cause a syntax error in the ssh command …

Feb 17, 2014:

9:42 PM Ticket #76 (MotD banner description of Accessdev) created by Robin Bowen
Request for new MotD banner description of Accessdev Robin
9:36 PM Ticket #75 (backup process for /home) created by Robin Bowen
A backup process is required for /home to ensure no loss of user files …
9:15 PM Ticket #74 (List of /apps modules needed on Accessdev) created by Robin Bowen
NCI are supplying a subset of raijin:/apps into the cloud. If we want …

Feb 10, 2014:

9:30 AM Ticket #70 (accessdev running slow) closed by Chris Allen
fixed: This appears to be OK now.

Feb 4, 2014:

12:01 PM Ticket #14 (Mailing list for trac tickets) closed by Scott Wales
11:49 AM Ticket #59 (SVN backup error messages) closed by Peter Uhe
fixed: done
11:45 AM Ticket #69 (Email problems) closed by Scott Wales
11:34 AM Ticket #73 (Document differences between dev and dev-test) created by Scott Wales
11:26 AM Ticket #45 (cron jobs on accessdev) closed by Peter Uhe
fixed: should be fixed now
11:19 AM Ticket #72 (/g/data1 mounts) created by Scott Wales
What projects in /g/data1 do we want to mount? Need to make sure file …
10:14 AM Ticket #71 (AUSCERT cerificate location) created by ibc599
We are getting SSL errors when trying to look at the website from …

Feb 3, 2014:

4:33 PM Ticket #55 (Cron errors) closed by ibc599
fixed: Merged done.

Jan 31, 2014:

11:00 AM Ticket #63 (Mail fix) closed by Scott Wales
invalid: Superseded by Chris's development

Jan 30, 2014:

5:19 PM Ticket #70 (accessdev running slow) created by Peter Uhe
I've noticed that accessdev is running very slowly today and taking …
1:30 PM Ticket #69 (Email problems) created by Scott Wales
Testing trac mail

Jan 28, 2014:

1:24 PM Ticket #68 (Pull cxa900/grizzly) closed by ibc599
fixed: Chris' branch cma900/grizzly has now been merged onto the master and …

Jan 24, 2014:

3:18 PM Ticket #68 (Pull cxa900/grizzly) created by Scott Wales
Pull source:puppet@cxa900/grizzly Hi Ian: I've backported the …
3:13 PM Ticket #67 (Refactor 'production' test) created by Scott Wales
Currently 'production' is only set when booting with the VM name set …

Jan 23, 2014:

6:15 PM Ticket #66 (Code review tools) created by Scott Wales
At the last meeting it was brought up that it would be good to have …
3:25 PM Ticket #64 (session hangs when running df) closed by ibc599
fixed: NCI seems to have fixed this now.
2:53 PM Ticket #35 (Remove kevin's SSH key) closed by Scott Wales
2:04 PM Ticket #65 (Bundle development) created by Scott Wales
Ben called to tell me that Chris was having issues with his 'bundle' …
1:56 PM Ticket #64 (session hangs when running df) created by ibc599
Running the command df or listing files in /projects causes the …
1:07 PM Ticket #63 (Mail fix) created by Scott Wales
Add the line […] to the postfix config /etc/postfix/main.cf to …

Jan 22, 2014:

2:57 PM Ticket #62 (Rose module idemponency) created by Scott Wales
Updating puppet without any changes produces the following messages …
2:29 PM Ticket #53 (Yum_groupinstall timeout) closed by Scott Wales
2:22 PM Ticket #25 (Install & Test GA6.0) closed by Scott Wales
2:22 PM Ticket #24 (Obtain GA6.0 from UKMO) closed by Scott Wales
2:14 PM Ticket #61 (Restrict sudo access) closed by Scott Wales
fixed: This is now fixed, Peter has been added to the admins list
1:11 PM Ticket #61 (Restrict sudo access) created by Scott Wales
At the moment sudo is available to anyone in access.admin, cut this …
12:30 PM Ticket #60 (Larger /home disk (cinder?)) created by Asri Sulaiman
I believe current accessdev /home need to be made bigger before it is …
12:16 PM Ticket #59 (SVN backup error messages) created by Scott Wales
The access user's email spool has a lot of warning messages from cron, …
11:52 AM Ticket #28 (Production UMUI server) closed by Peter Uhe
fixed: closed
11:35 AM Ticket #56 (Dbus dependency error) closed by Scott Wales
fixed: Dependencies fixed in 456a64d (merged to master) - I've added a line …
11:10 AM Ticket #58 (Cylc not pinned to a tag) created by Scott Wales
Cylc is being downloaded from master, rather than a tag
11:03 AM Ticket #57 (~access out of sync with collab) closed by Scott Wales
10:30 AM Ticket #57 (~access out of sync with collab) created by Scott Wales
Hand edits needed for e.g. openmpi 1.6 aren't currently present

Jan 21, 2014:

4:35 PM Ticket #52 (Testing accessdev on new cloud) closed by ibc599
4:32 PM Ticket #38 (Errors in grizzly cloud) closed by Scott Wales
fixed: I'd say so
3:54 PM Ticket #56 (Dbus dependency error) created by Scott Wales
Getting the following error within puppet: […] Looks like there …
3:39 PM Ticket #55 (Cron errors) created by Scott Wales
I'm getting the following type of errors booting a test instance: …
3:09 PM Ticket #54 (Users need to be notified when they go over their quotas) created by ibc599
Need to notify users by email when they have used their disk quotas. …
3:05 PM Ticket #53 (Yum_groupinstall timeout) created by Scott Wales
The class bundle::nci::desktop is timing out during the Puppet …
2:29 PM Ticket #8 (Signed SSL certificate) closed by Scott Wales
fixed: We now have a signed certificate until 2016, closing the ticket
12:09 PM Ticket #46 (remote job submission config needs to include raijin) closed by ibc599
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