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CICE daily diagnostics

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Current CICE configurations, e.g. Peter's u-al623 have


This seems to write files every 10 days which doesn't work well with the Gregorian calendar. E.g.


It also looks like many (all?) of the fields are 10 day means which don't seem very useful either.

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comment:1 Changed 5 months ago by Martin Dix

Siobhan and Arnold set up new CICE history configuration /short/p66/ars599/ACCESS-CM2/inputOM/cice/cice5.1.2_in.nml.spo599.31072018.

This was added to the CICE rose-suite.conf in the CABLE coupled suite u-bb194

comment:2 Changed 5 months ago by Martin Dix

CICE is currently saving the daily diagnostics to a separate file for each day. E.g.,, … with monthly means in The files are also netcdf classic format.

Converting the monthly to netCDF4 with nccopy reduces the size by a factor of about 6 (note that the -k 3 option actually specifies netCDF4!)

% nccopy -k 3 -d 4
% ls -l /short/p66/mrd599/archive/bf481/history/ice/
-rw-r-----+ 1 mrd599 p66 68729268 Feb 25 08:41
-rw-r-----+ 1 mrd599 p66 10158755 Feb 25 12:09

Adding the shuffle option actually increases the size slightly.

Using ncrcat from nco to combine the daily files gives a single file which is less than twice the size of a single day. This is largely because there is now only a single copy of the coordinate variables

% ncrcat -4 --deflate 4 iceh.0601-01-??.nc
% ls -l iceh.0601-01-??.nc
-rw-r-----  1 mrd599 p66 12980768 Feb 25 12:13
-rw-r-----+ 1 mrd599 p66  7349624 Feb 24 06:02

I create a new post-processing script to do this conversion, called from the script.

New output files are called and for monthly and daily data respectively.

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comment:3 Changed 5 months ago by Martin Dix

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