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Integer overflow in ODB version 1.0.0 (Met Office)

Reported by: Jin Lee Owned by: Jin Lee
Priority: minor Component: ACCESS model
Keywords: ODB ODB API integer overflow odb_migrator Cc: Milton Woods, Susan Rennie, Tan Le


The version of ODB software we are using for APS3 global is ODB 1.0.0 which we received from UKMO (see #217 for its importation into access-svn repos and #215 for its building). This ODB version has a bug which causes an overflow in certain integer variables which are used in the calculation of memory allocation. This problem was discovered while running odb_migrator. Other ODB and ODB API tools may suffer from the same bug.

The ODB software we use comes from UKMO (who received it from ECMWF). We decided not to use a new build with the bug fixed but instead put in a workaround at the suite level as the task of maintaining compatibility with UKMO software would prove to be harder if we decided to use a modified version of ODB software. However, we anticipate that we will be in correspondence with UKMO and ECMWF to get this bug fix included in their ODB software.

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Hi Milton,

Would you be able to review the ticket, please? Once that's done I'll close the ticket. Thanks.


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I used following steps to build the new ODB which has the integer-overflow-bug fix and test the build:

  1. I built the new ODB following the instructions in
  2. I also built a new ODB API following the instructions in
  3. Set-up for testing the new build:
    • I tried to reproduce the way the PS38 global suite runs the ODB-to-ODB2 task by creating a test directory, raijin3:/home/548/jtl548/da/ops/odb/test_odb_migrator/data/glu_ops_odb_to_odb2_atms.16_pools/atms.out.odb.5.0
    • I used the test script, raijin3:/home/548/jtl548/da/ops/odb/test_odb_migrator/scripts/test_odb_migrator.bash
  4. For ATMS obsgroup and for 16 pools each pool is still too big and so the integer over-flow occurs when running odb_migrator. To run this case,
    • Under the test directory mentioned above I soft-linked the input ODB database, ECMA.atms.out.odb.5.0 to /home/548/jtl548/da/ops/odb/test_odb_migrator/data/glu_odb/atms/16_pools
    • I modified the script test_odb_migrator.bash so that it used the standard ODB and ODB API: module load odb/1.0.0 and module load odbapi/0.10.3
    • I made sure that the script failed
  5. To run the new build on this 16-pool ODB database,
    • I modified the script test_odb_migrator.bash so that it used the new ODB and ODB API builds: i.e. module unload odb and module unload odbapi I set up ODB and ODB API environments by explicitly exporting necessary environment variables. See raijin:~jtl548/odb/scripts/odb.ksh and raijin:~jtl548/odbapi/scripts/odbapi.ksh for examples of what environment variables need to be exported
    • the script succeeded and odb_migrator did not encounter the integer overflow problem
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