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Import the source of ODB API version 0.10.3 into the access-svn ODB repository

Reported by: Jin Lee Owned by: Jin Lee
Priority: major Component: ACCESS model
Keywords: ODB API trunk branch import Cc: Jin Lee, Tan Le, Yi Xiao, Peter Steinle, Fabrizio Baordo, Susan Rennie, Zhihong Li


A part of OPS build requires an ODB API source file as well as the ODB API libraries which the build assumes are present in the ODB API installation directory.

Following the workflow of UKMO ODB API needs to be in a repository and version-controlled. The access-svn ODB repository is used for this purpose as creating a separate repository for ODB API seems unnecessary.

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Importing OdbAPI-0.9.29-Source

OdbAPI-0.9.29-Source was downloaded from the following ECMWF website,

Then this was imported into ODB repository,

N.B. The trunk (and branch) structure of access-svn ODB repository doesn't follow the standard FCM tree structure, the subdirectory, 'odb_api/' being present below trunk/. This was a workaround as we do not have a separate ODB API SVN repos (see Ticket Summary of ticket #217)

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by Jin Lee

Importing OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source

After downloading OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source I used following steps to put the source into ODB/ODB-API repos:

  1. Created a new branch, "OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source" branching off from "OdbAPI-0.9.29-Source"
  1. Checked out a copy of "OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source"
  1. Working in the working copy of "OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source" files/directories were added/modified by doing a recursive copy of downloaded "OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source" into this working copy:
    cp -r ../* .
  1. Ran recursive diff between the downloaded source and the partially updated working copy:
    diff -r ../ .
    This tells what files need to be deleted from the working copy
  1. The downloaded source and the updated working copy were identical. Committed to the repos,

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by Jin Lee

Importing OdbAPI-0.10.3-Source

The ECMWF ODB API version 0.10.3 is required by OPS32.0.0 (UKMO did not modify ODB API 0.10.3). So this ODB API needs to be stored in the trunk of the ODB repository.

Similar steps as those outlined in "Importing OdbAPI-0.9.32-Source" were used to update ODB API source of version 0.10.3 and committed to repos,

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