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Customizing the extract steps of SURF31.2.0 for NCI/BoM environment.

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Also see the following tickets which is relevant to the SURF build.

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Met Office conducts all the steps involved in SURF build on a single (target) machine. However, following a similar strategy to extract and build SURF in Raijin (target machine) haven't been successful.

There seems to be an issue with setting-up a password-less access to Met Office shared repository from Raijin. On my conversation with Ben Fitzpatrick of Met Office, it seems that the problem is arising from me using an older version of subversion (1.6.11)than the recommended svn version 1.8.

This is probably verified by the fact that I could cache the MOSRS password from Accessdev, which uses subversion 1.8.13. Raijin got a subversion/1.8.13 installed, but currently doesn't support "https" servers. I am in touch with Ben Menadue of NCI who said that he will try to rebuild it (email dated 11/08/2015). I am yet to hear from Ben.

I understand that we are encouraged at NCI to extract the sources in Accessdev and mirror it to Raijin. I could successfully do an extract and mirroring using FCM from Accessdev. However I think there are two important issues that needed to be addressed before we could go ahead with tour own procedure.

First, having a remote host involved means that that our version will differ from the Met Office version. This may require us to maintain our own version, increasing overhead.

Second, the SURF configuration is designed in a way that it is required to specify all the compilation environment from the beginning (i.e., before extracting). This means that the remote host environments will be written on to the FCM make configuration file during extract and mirroring and if there is a mismatch in the environments of local and remote hosts, per-process and build steps could potentially fail.

Sure, this can be overcome by modifying the FCM configuration files, but I guess this would be an extensive change and again requires substantial overhead in maintaining a code just for Accessdev/Raijin?.

The easiest solution, as it appears to me, is to get the subversion/1.8.13 fixed.

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Is it possible to use a similar approach with SURF as we do for the UM code - have a separate build config for Raijjin, e.g.:

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