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Implied statistical properties of APS2 ACCESS-G CovStats

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A part of Cvt is calculation and display of implied statistical properties of CovStats. As the Cvt code is relatively new the available documentation for doing this seems to be less comprehensive. This ticket documents what I have done to get the Cvt shell/Python scripts to work while investigating some of the important statistical characteristics of the background error covariance used in APS2 ACCESS-G 4DVAR.

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Available documentation

I received the following document from Marek Wlasak (?):


Required environment variables to run CvtScr_Graphics.ksh

CvtScr_Graphics.ksh is the top-level shell script which drives Cvt Python scripts. Before calling CvtScr_Graphics.ksh the following environment variables need to be set:

CVT_GRAPHICS_SCRIPTS - path where Python scripts are
CVT_FULLCOV_DIR - dir path where CovStats file is located
CVT_Global - see Cvt documentation
CVT_CONTROL_VAR - what variable(s) to display
CVT_VAR_LIST - see Cvt documentation
MoistureControlVariable - see Cvt documentation
VertProj - see Cvt documentation
CVT_LOG_DIR - path where output log files come out
CVT_GRAPHICS_DIR - path where output graphics files come out

Additionally the script expects the name of the CovStats to be ''. So you will need to either soft-link to or rename your CovStats.

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